The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive evaluation which provides objective data regarding the individual's physical capacity, and establishes a physical demand level. The evaluation documents the patient's ability to perform a job from a physical, medical, behavioral, and ergonomic perspective. The computerized Blankenship system used at DEC has over 60 validity criteria incorporated into the evaluation to determine the patient's level of effort given during the FCE.

sample exercse
sample exercise

Patient unable to work? Re-classifying or entering vocational rehabilitation?

General evaluations are for individuals with no specific job to return to, or in the process of re-classifying. A wide range of general activities are tested to determine the level of function.​

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Wondering if your patient can return to their SPECIFIC job successfully?

sample exercise

Job Specific evaluations incorporate tests for critical work demands for an individual returning to a specific job. A job analysis or job description is required for the evaluation.

sample execise
sample exercise

Are your applicants able to meet the physical requirements for the job for which they apply?

Pre-Placement/Post-Offer screens applicants who have been offered jobs on the condition that they are able to meet the functional requirements of the job. This is a non-medical and non-diagnostic screen designed to assess an individual's ability to meet the physical requirements of the job based on the job description provided by the employer.

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