About Us

​CHART​ Rehabilitation of Hawaii is celebrating it's 40th anniversary of successfully providing physical and occupational therapy services in Hawaii. We provide individualized care for patients with Acute, Sub-Acute, and Chronic injuries. Our therapists specialize in treating the following conditions:

  • ​Work related and auto injuries

  • Personal and sports related injuries

  • Hand and over-use injuries

  • Pre-surgical strengthening

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

Employee - Owned

In 2001, CHART Rehabilitation of Hawaii purchased the company through a unique transaction called an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This action effectively made the employees "owners" of the company. It is this ownership mentality that makes CHART a real `ohana, resulting in the highest commitment to quality therapy and customer service.


Patient Testimonials

Here's what a few patients had to say about their experience at CHART:

"All of the CHART staff that I worked with was awesome. I had rehab before, but rehabbing at CHART exceeded my expectations. The overall (whole body) exercises were great. I'm ecstatic to return to working condition. I'm sad to leave the fabulous staff at CHART. I cannot thank you all enough! If I ever needed to come back to rehab I would choose here." - K.D.

"CHART staff members were helpful, especially Coren. Coren gave me suggestions regarding sleeping arrangements, pillows, use of my personal TENS unit and explained the anatomy of my neck/shoulder. All PT/Rehab clinics should be like CHART. Other facilities just instruct exercises/stretches and don't really explain how and why they work." - K.U.

"The CHART staff that worked with me had been very caring, friendly and thoughtful. The administration and reception staff was also outstanding and helpful. My doctor who referred me to CHART knew what he was doing. I'm still very amazed and pleased at the outstanding service and personal care that was given to me. I want to extend a hearty thank you and aloha to Mari, James, and the rest of the CHART O'hana for all of their extra care with my injury and my rehabilitation. MAHALO NUI LOA!!!" - M.O.